Wednesday, December 05, 2012

My logo redesign for the Big Ern's Boys hockey club

Back in 2004, I designed a logo for my Uncle Ernie's hockey team, Big Ern's Boys. Based on the old Ottawa Senators logo, it featured my Uncle Ernie's handsome, mustachio'd mug, circa 1982.

That logo served the team well for almost a decade. They had a chance to get some brand new, and more importantly CLEAN uniforms, and with that, a chance to redesign the logo. I was honoured to have the chance to be involved.
The uniforms look sharp! I was very happy that the team decided to spend the money to keep the original logo in the design, including it as a shoulder patch as a nice tribute to the past.
As for the front, well, it now features a new design that pays tribute to the old Hartford Whalers logo. The Hartford Whaler's logo is universally lauded as being nothing short of genius, featuring a hidden "H" in the whitespace formed between the "W" for Whalers and the giant blue whale tail that forms the upper half.
In the Big Ern's tribute, the W is duplicated and rotated to form a stylized BE, for Big Ern. Underneath that, the whale's tail was turned upsided down and modified to represent the mustache my Uncle made famous in the early 1980s.
Nowhere near as genius as the logo that inspired it, but I'm pretty proud of it nonetheless.

For those curious, the jerseys were produced by All Canadian Emblem, at 447 Bannatyne Avenue in Winnipeg.

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Dez said...

Napoleon Dynamite would be jealous. You have skills. Very nice!