Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sure, it CAN be used in stairways, but...

Nice little piece of 'photo fail' here!

I'd been on the hunt for a ladder that I could use to change a light fixture at the top of a high staircase. I finally found a tall ladder/scaffold combo that could be "used in stairways". The text on the box told me so!

But.... the photo didn't.

At all.That's one heck of a spacious stairway, to be able to hold an assortment of chairs, tables and plants like that!

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BG Honeycult said...

Don, the easiest way to get at those hard to reach places is to set up an extension ladder against the wall above the staircase, then run a 2X12 plank from the top landing to a rung on the ladder. This is very safe (I have been on this type of scaffolding before). If you are unsure of what I mean, contact me and I will try to explain in Donoterms.