Friday, May 04, 2012

Exposure to Nuts - A Warning? Or an Invitation...

I've been going to the Bridge Drive Inn, or the BDI, for years now, and I've always received a private chuckle every time I see the following sign.

"All products except soft ice cream may be exposed to nuts."

I can't figure out if this is meant as a warning or an invitation!

On the one hand, watch out, our products may have come in contact with allergy causing nuts!

On the other hand, it almost seems like it could have been put up after staff got sick of people asking, "Is it safe for this ice cream to come in contact with my nuts?".

So go ahead, people!  Your nuts may indeed be exposed to that cold, delicious ice cream! 

Nuts, of course, referring to pistachios, peanuts, etc. 

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Fraz said...

Haaa!! Love it.
Reminds me of the e-mail our former office manager used to send before a bake sale, about labelling your goods: "Write your name and whether or not it contains nuts."
-Cheri (no nuts) Frazer