Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stan Lee

This was a phenomenal weekend.

I met Stan Lee.

Yes, THE Stan Lee, who is responsible for creating the stable of superheroes of Marvel Comics that was my playground as a boy.
At almost 90 years old, Lee looks great and is still as sharp as a knife.

Some of my first work for Marvel was colouring Marvel Masterworks: Fantastic Four Volume 8. As Stan Lee signed my book, I giddily told him that I'd worked on the tome in front of him, and that it was an honour to have him sign my copy.

He paused, flipped through it, and kindly said, "Well, it looks like you did a pretty good job!".

I was more than a little stunned. He was obviously just being nice. My voice belying the stammering in my head, I responded by saying, "I think you did a better job writing the stories, Stan!". He chuckled, and we posed for a photo.

Unlike other great moments in life that seem to pass so quickly, my 30 seconds with Stan Lee was perfect. Time slowed, we both got some words in, I didn't make a fool of myself, and it ended on a note of humour.

This guy is on the same level as Walt Disney, for crying out loud! Both have created works that spawned iconic American characters. His work has been a central part of my life, and I got the chance to shake his hand and thank him.

It was a weekend I'll never forget.

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Brett Wood said...

Super cool.

Chris S said...

You enjoy comic books good sir. Please continue this pursuit as it appears to grant you much pleasure.

- Man who doesn't get comic books (CS)